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Now that I have finished my 6 Victorian novel-set, my next works will include the following.

Draymorb- The Legend Begins:
This will be of a sci-fi nature. Publication date: TBA

23 Haddock Hill Expected publication date: TBA
A courtroom-based drama: expected to be a mid-length novel (up to 60,000 words)

An Elizabethan Dream (Chains Of Destiny) Publication date: TBA
A novel set in the time of Queen Elizabeth the 1st, relating to her life and early years when she was Princess Elizabeth.

The Chronicles Of Creation-The Enigma Of Man.
Commenced 2010- still in progress.
Publication date TBA
A Novel
Based upon my research notes that date from the 1960ís to the present, this set will deal with Manís origins and development from our creation by an alien race.
Although written as a novel, it contains essential information to the budding researcher within the field of ancient civilisations and alien intervention.

Chapters Of LIfe Books 1-9
Already completed and published.

Chapters Of Life- The Excluded Chapters - Books 1-3 (Books 10-12 of the Chapters Of Life series) are now all published and available.

Chapters Of Life is based upon a set of daily diaries which were kept by 4 different girls from Bromyard and the surrounding area during the time period in which the book is set (1962- 1968).
The accounts given are set around these recorded events. However, the characters are entirely fictional.

The set also includes the following volumes:

Chapters Of Life - The excluded Chapters - Books 10-12
These are Chapters that were omitted from the original 9 Chapters series for various reasons.

Chapters of Life - The Return - Books 13-15 - Lukeís return to Bromyard
Not yet published.

Large Print Editions
All six of the Victorian novel series are now (or will be shortly) also available in large print editions.
Full details of these will be found on my online bookshop

All of the Chapters Of Life novel series will be available in large print editions in due course.
Full details of these will be found on my online bookshop

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