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I have now traced one family line back to 1520 directly and to 1280 indirectly- though I know that they are directly linked I have not yet found the written evidence to tie them in.

This line goes back through the Harris; Bancroft: Robinson lines from the Stafford and Warwick areas.

Most of the other lines are back as far as the 1700's with a few more in the 1600's and 1500's.

If you think that you are related then please drop me a line with your own connections.

Details of the Harris Family Tree are also available via e-mail.

These directly related family surnames include:

Bancroft; Stone; Lockley; Poulson; Brew; Robinson; Handley; Warren; Badger; Addison, Tysoe; Wilcox; Apporller; Rousse/ Roysse; Hulse; Adderley; Morrey; Ellis; Coles; Tompkins; Welles/ Wells; Walker; Davis; Rees; Tasker; Richards; Burton; Fowler; Hickin; Harding; Brough; Chettoe/ Chetto; Brittain; Daniels; Wood; - some of these lines have now been researched back to the early 1500s (one line is now back to 1280 indirectly).

There are many more family surnames- for more info, please e-mail me.

All of the above families lived in either Staffordshire or Warwickshire.

The Harris/ Harries (3 generations spelt their name as Harries on the Glamorgan side) side of the family came from Glamorgan in South Wales. However, I now possess certain 'evidence' to suggest that, prior to this, the family may have originated from either London or Gloucestershire?

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